Frequently asked questions

cappchur has been designed to be simple, quick and intuitive. But in case you need any help take a look through our FAQs.

Is cappchur available for Android devices?
Yes! You can install it here: cappchur for Android.
Can I use cappchur offline?
Yes. Once you have installed cappchur on your mobile or tablet device you can start using it straight away even if you have no internet connection.
How do I get my contacts out of the app?
When your device is online, simply tap the 'Export contacts' button in the Settings area. We will email your contacts to you as a CSV file. Any spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel can open CSV files.
I do not see an 'Export contacts' button, or the button is disabled.
Either your device is not online, or you have not verified your email address.
How do I verify my email address?
When you register your email address we will send you a six-digit PIN number. Enter this in the app to verify your email address. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN number then tap the 'Get new PIN' button in the Settings area.
I did not receive a verification email
Please check your junk or spam mail folder.
Why do I need to verify my email address?
We need to make sure that you have entered your email address correctly, and that you can receive messages from us at that address. This is to ensure that you can receive your contacts reliably.
Where is my captured data stored and is it secure?
Your contacts are stored on your device until you choose to export them. They are then sent encrypted to our server, over a TLS 1.2 (SSL) connection. Our server then instantly sends them to you as an email attachment via the Mailjet email service. In a forthcoming update pro users will have the option to download their contacts securely via our website as an alternative to email.
What about privacy?
Your contacts are your contacts. Period. We will not add them to any mailing lists or share them with any third parties.

We love hearing from our users, so if you're unclear about anything feel free to email us at